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Verb: coordinate  kow'or-di-nut or kow'ord-nut
  1. Bring order and organization to
    "Can you help me coordinate my files?";
    - organize, organise [Brit]
  2. Bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination
    "coordinate the wheels of my car";
    - align, ordinate
  3. Be co-ordinated
    "These activities coordinate well"
  4. Bring into common action, movement, or condition
    "coordinate the painters, masons, and plumbers"; "coordinate his actions with that of his colleagues"; "coordinate our efforts"
Noun: coordinate  kow'or-di-nut or kow'ord-nut
  1. A number that identifies a position relative to an axis
    - co-ordinate
Adjective: coordinate  kow'or-di-nut or kow'ord-nut
  1. Of equal importance, rank, or degree

Derived forms: coordinates, co-ordinates, coordinating, coordinated

See also: equal

Type of: accord, adjust, agree, arrange, care, concord, consort, correct, deal, fit in, handle, harmonise [Brit], harmonize, manage, number, set, set up

Encyclopedia: Coordinate