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Noun: cordoba  kor-du-bu
  1. The basic unit of money in Nicaragua; equal to 100 centavos
Noun: Cordoba  kor-du-bu
  1. A city in southern Spain; centre of Moorish culture
    - Cordova
  2. Spanish explorer who discovered Yucatan (1475-1517)
    - Francisco Fernandez Cordoba, Cordova, Francisco Fernandez de Cordova
  3. A city in central Argentina; site of a university founded in 1613
    - Cordova

Derived forms: cordobas

Type of: adventurer, city, explorer, metropolis, Nicaraguan monetary unit, urban center [US], urban centre [Brit, Cdn]

Part of: Argentina, Argentine Republic, Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain

Encyclopedia: Cordoba, Narino