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Noun: counsel  kawn-sul
  1. (law) a lawyer who pleads cases in court
    - advocate, counselor [US], counsellor [Brit, Cdn], counselor-at-law [US, Ireland], pleader
  2. Direction or helpful suggestions regarding a decision or future course of action
    - guidance, counseling [US], counselling [Brit, Cdn], direction
Verb: counsel (counselled,counselling, or [US] counseled,counseling)  kawn-sul
  1. Give advice to
    "The teacher counsels troubled students";
    - rede [archaic], advise

Sounds like: council

Derived forms: counselling, counselled, counsels, counseled

Type of: attorney, content, discuss, hash out, lawyer, message, subject matter, substance, talk over

Encyclopedia: Counsel