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Adjective: counterbalanced  ,kawn-tu(r)'ba-lunst
  1. Brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another
    "Standard steel counterbalanced elevator doors are substantial in weight";
    - counterpoised
Verb: counterbalance  'kawn-tu(r),ba-lun(t)s
  1. Adjust for
    "engineers will work to counterbalance the effects of air resistance";
    - compensate, correct, make up, even out, even off, even up
  2. Contrast with equal weight or force
    - oppose
  3. Oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions
    "This will counterbalance the foolish actions of my colleagues";
    - counteract, countervail, neutralize, neutralise [Brit]

See also: balanced

Type of: balance, cancel, contrast, counterpoint, equilibrate, equilibrise [Brit], equilibrize, offset, set off

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