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Noun: countercheck  'kawn-tu(r),chek
  1. A check that restrains another check
  2. Something that checks the correctness of a previous check
    - double check
Verb: countercheck  'kawn-tu(r),chek
  1. Oppose or check by a counteraction
    - counteract
  2. Check a second time
Noun: counter check  kawn-tu(r) chek
Usage: US (elsewhere: counter cheque)
  1. A blank check provided by a bank for the convenience of customers who are making withdrawals
    - counter cheque [Brit, Cdn]

Derived forms: counterchecking, counterchecked, counter checks, counterchecks

Type of: arrest, assay, bank check [US], check, cheque [Brit, Cdn], contain, control, curb, halt, hitch, hold, hold in, mod [informal], moderate, stay, stop, stoppage

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