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Noun: cows  kawz
  1. Domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age
    "wait till the cows come home";
    - cattle, kine [archaic], oxen, Bos taurus
Noun: cow  kaw
  1. Female of domestic cattle
    - moo-cow [informal]
  2. Mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'bull'
  3. [informal] A large unpleasant woman
Verb: cow  kaw
  1. Subdue, restrain, or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe; frighten (as with threats)
    - overawe

Type of: awe, bovine, disagreeable woman, eutherian, eutherian mammal, placental, placental mammal, unpleasant woman

Part of: Bos, genus Bos, herd

Encyclopedia: Cows