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Noun: cracker  kra-ku(r)
  1. A thin crisp wafer made of flour and water with or without leavening and shortening; unsweetened or semisweet
  2. [US, informal] A poor White person in the southern United States
    - redneck [N. Amer, informal]
  3. A programmer who cracks (gains unauthorized access to) computers, typically to do malicious things
    "crackers are often mistakenly called hackers"
  4. Firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing
    - firecracker, banger [Brit, informal]
  5. A party favour consisting of a paper roll (usually containing candy or a small favour) that pops when pulled at both ends
    - snapper, cracker bonbon
  6. [Brit, informal] An outstanding example of its kind
    - beauty, beaut [informal], blinder [Brit, informal], killer [informal], lulu [informal], knockout [informal]

Derived forms: crackers

Type of: bread, breadstuff, coder, computer programmer, developer, example, exemplar, favor [US], favour [Brit, Cdn], firework, good example, model, party favor [US], party favour [Brit, Cdn], programer [US], programmer, pyrotechnic, rustic, software developer, software engineer, staff of life

Encyclopedia: Cracker