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Adjective: crashing  krash-ing
  1. Informal intensifier
    "what a crashing nuisance"; "a crashing bore";
    - bally [Brit, informal], blinking [Brit, informal], bloody [Brit, informal], blooming [Brit, informal], flaming, freaking [informal], effing [Brit, informal]
Verb: crash  krash
  1. Undergo damage or destruction on impact
    "the plane crashed into the ocean"; "The car crashed into the lamp post";
    - ram
  2. Fall or come down violently
    "The branch crashed down on my car"; "The plane crashed in the sea"
  3. Move with, or as if with, a crashing noise
    "The car crashed through the glass door"
  4. Move violently as through a barrier
    "The terrorists crashed the gate"
  5. Break violently or noisily; smash
    - break up, break apart
  6. Make a sudden loud sound
    "the waves crashed on the shore and kept us awake all night"
  7. [informal] Enter uninvited or without permission
    "let's crash the party!"; "let's gate-crash the party!";
    - barge in [informal], gatecrash
  8. Cause to collide with something destructively
    "The terrorists crashed the plane into the palace"; "Mother crashed the motorbike into the lamppost"
  9. Hurl or thrust violently
    "He crashed the plate against the wall";
    - dash
  10. Undergo a sudden and severe downturn
    "the economy crashed"; "will the stock market crash again?"
  11. Stop operating
    "My computer crashed last night";
    - go down
  12. [informal] Sleep in a convenient place
    "You can crash here, though it's not very comfortable";
    - doss [Brit, informal], doss down [Brit, informal], crash out [informal]
  13. [informal] Occupy, usually uninvited
    "My son's friends crashed our house last weekend"

See also: unmitigated

Type of: bed down, break, break down, bunk down, cast, change, clash, collide, come down, conk out [informal], descend, die, disintegrate, fail, fall, give out, give way, go, go bad, go down, hurl, hurtle, intrude, irrupt, lodge in, move, occupy, pack up [Brit, informal], pass, reside, sink, sound

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