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Adjective: crowning  kraw-ning
  1. Forming or providing a crown or summit
    "the crowning star on a Christmas tree"; "her hair was her crowning glory"
  2. Representing a level of the highest possible achievement or attainment
    "the crowning accomplishment of his career"
Verb: crown  krawn
  1. Invest with regal power; enthrone
    "The prince was crowned in Westminster Abbey";
    - coronate
  2. Be the culminating event
    "The speech crowned the meeting";
    - top
  3. Form the topmost part of
    "A weather vane crowns the building"
  4. Put an enamel cover on
    "crown my teeth"

See also: top, ultimate

Type of: climax, cover, culminate, enthrone, head, invest, vest

Encyclopedia: Crowning

Crown, Monongalia County, West Virginia