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Noun: crownwork  'krawn,wurk
  1. (dentistry) dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown for a broken or decayed tooth
    "tomorrow my dentist will fit me for a crownwork";
    - crown, jacket, jacket crown, cap
  2. A type of fortification, like a hornwork, but consisting of a full bastion with the walls on either side ending in half-bastions from which longer flank walls run back towards the main fortress.
    "The crownwork was used to extend the fortified area in a particular direction often in order to defend a bridge, prevent the enemy occupying an area of high ground, or simply strengthen the overall fortifications in the expected direction of attack."

Derived forms: crownworks

Type of: dental appliance, fortification, munition

Part of: bastion fort, star fort, star fortress, star-shaped fortress, trace italienne

Encyclopedia: Crownwork