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Verb: cruise  krooz
  1. (driving) drive around aimlessly but ostentatiously and at leisure
    "She cruised the neighbourhood in her new convertible"
  2. (air travel) travel at a moderate speed
    "Please keep your seat belt fastened while the plane is reaching cruising altitude"
  3. Look for a sexual partner in a public place
    "The men were cruising the park"
  4. Sail or travel about for pleasure, relaxation, or sightseeing
    "We were cruising in the Caribbean"
Noun: cruise  krooz
  1. An ocean trip taken for pleasure
    - sail

Sounds like: crude, crewede, crews, cruse, cru

Derived forms: cruises, cruised, cruising

Type of: go, journey, locomote, look, move, navigate, ocean trip, sail, search, travel, voyage

Encyclopedia: Cruise, Pablo