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Noun: cult  kúlt
  1. Followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader
  2. Followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices
  3. A religion or sect that is generally considered to be unorthodox, extremist, or false
    "it was a satanic cult"
  4. A system of religious beliefs and rituals
    "devoted to the cult of the Blessed Virgin";
    - cultus, religious cult
  5. An interest followed with exaggerated zeal
    "he always follows the latest cults";
    - fad, craze, furor [N. Amer], furore, rage
Adjective: cult  kúlt
  1. Enjoyed by a small, loyal group
    "a cult film"

Derived forms: cults

Type of: belief, faith, fashion, organised religion [Brit], organized religion, religion, religious belief

Encyclopedia: Cult, Haute-Saone