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Noun: currency  kur-un(t)-see or kú-run(t)-see [N. Amer], kú-run(t)-see [Brit]
  1. A system of money or other items used as a medium of exchange, esp. the money used in a particular country, area, or domain of usage
    "The Euro was launched as an electronic currency in 1999"; "The actual time that gold and silver were first used as currency is debatable"; "The British currency is the pound sterling"
  2. General acceptance or use
    "the currency of ideas"
  3. The property of belonging to the present time
    "the currency of a slang term";
    - currentness, up-to-dateness

Derived forms: currencies

See also: current, noncurrent

Type of: medium of exchange, monetary system, nowness, presentness, prevalence

Encyclopedia: Currency