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Verb: cut up
  1. Cut or slice into pieces
    "Father cut up the ham";
    - carve
  2. Destroy or injure severely
    "The madman cuts up art work";
    - mutilate, mangle
  3. Separate into isolated compartments or categories
    - compartmentalize, compartmentalise [Brit]
  4. Significantly cut up a manuscript
    - hack
  5. [Brit] Suddenly move in front of another moving vehicle
Adjective: cut up
  1. Cut into pieces
  2. [informal] Afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief
    - disquieted, distressed, disturbed, upset, worried
Noun: cut-up
Usage: N. Amer, informal
  1. Someone who plays practical jokes on others
    - prankster, trickster, tricker, hoaxer, practical joker

Derived forms: cutting up, cut-ups, cut up, cuts up

See also: cut, troubled

Type of: bad hat, cut, damage, disunite, divide, edit, mischief-maker, part, redact, separate, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler

Encyclopedia: Cut-up