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Adjective: cyprian
  1. Resembling the ancient orgiastic worship of Aphrodite on Cyprus
Noun: cyprian
Usage: archaic
  1. Someone, esp. a woman, who engages in sexual intercourse for money
    - prostitute, prozzie [slang], wench [archaic], trull [archaic]
Noun: Cyprian  sip-ree-un
  1. A native or inhabitant of Cyprus
    - Cypriot, Cypriote
Adjective: Cyprian  sip-ree-un
  1. Of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture
    "Cyprian monasteries";
    - Cypriote, Cypriot

Derived forms: cyprians, Cyprians

See also: unchaste

Type of: adult female, European, woman

Part of: Cyprus

Encyclopedia: Cyprian, Metropolitan of Kyiv