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Noun: dag  dag
  1. [Austral, NZ] A person with an unusual or odd personality
    - eccentric, eccentric person, flake [N. Amer], oddball, geek
  2. [Austral, NZ] A person with poor hygiene and low standards of tidiness
    - slob [Brit], sloven, pig, slovenly person, schlump [N. Amer]
  3. [US, Austral] A witty amusing person who makes jokes
    - wag, wit, card
  4. [Austral, NZ] A dangling lock of sheep’s wool matted with dung
  5. [archaic] 10 grams
    - dekagram [N. Amer], decagram, jag
  6. [archaic] A flap along the edge of a garment; used in medieval clothing
    - jag

Derived forms: dags

Type of: anomaly, flap, humorist, metric weight unit, unusual person, vulgarian, weight unit

Part of: garment, hectogram, hg

Encyclopedia: Dag, Hungary