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Verb: damage  da-mij
  1. Inflict damage upon
    "The snow damaged the roof"; "She damaged the car when she hit the tree"
  2. Suffer or be susceptible to damage
    "These fine china cups damage easily"
Noun: damage  da-mij
  1. The occurrence of a change for the worse
    - harm, impairment
  2. (military) loss of military equipment
    - equipment casualty
  3. The act of damaging something or someone
    - harm, hurt, scathe [archaic]
  4. The amount of money needed to purchase something
    "how much is the damage?";
    - price, terms
  5. Any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right
    - wrong, legal injury

Derived forms: damaging, damages, damaged

Type of: alter, alteration, casualty, change, change of integrity, cost, injury, modification, modify

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