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Verb: dampen  dam-pun
  1. Suppress or constrain so as to lessen in intensity
    "dampen your curiosity";
    - stifle
  2. Make moist
    "The dew dampened the meadows";
    - moisten, wash
  3. Deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping
    - muffle, mute, dull, damp, tone down
  4. Reduce the amplitude (of oscillations or waves)
  5. Make vague, obscure or make (an image) less visible
    - deaden, damp
  6. Check; keep in check (a fire)
  7. Lessen in force or effect
    "dampen a shock";
    - damp, soften, weaken, break

Derived forms: dampens, dampened, dampening

Type of: blunt, bottle up, check, deaden, delay, inhibit, retard, soften, suppress, weaken, wet

Encyclopedia: Dampen