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Noun: darn  daa(r)n
  1. Something of little value
    "his promise is not worth a darn";
    - damn, hoot, red cent [N. Amer], shucks, tinker's damn [US, informal], tinker's dam [US, informal]
  2. Sewing that repairs a worn or torn hole (especially in a garment)
    "her stockings had several darns";
    - mend, patch
Verb: darn  daa(r)n
  1. Repair by sewing
    "darn socks"
Interjection: darn  daa(r)n
Usage: informal
  1. Exclamation of annoyance
    - blast, bother [Brit], botheration, bummer [informal], curses, dang [N. Amer, informal], damn, damnation, dammit [informal], damn it [informal], dash [Brit, informal], durn [US, dialect], drat [informal], hang [informal], tarnation [N. Amer, informal], shoot [N. Amer, informal]

Derived forms: darning, darned, darns

Type of: bushel [US], doctor [informal], fix, furbish up, ineptitude, mend, repair, restore, sewing, stitchery, touch on, worthlessness

Encyclopedia: Darn