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Verb: deaden  de-d(u)n
  1. Make vague, obscure or make (an image) less visible
    - dampen, damp
  2. Cut a girdle around so as to kill by interrupting the circulation of water and nutrients
    - girdle
  3. Make vapid or deprive of spirit
    "deadened wine"
  4. Lessen the momentum or velocity of
    "deaden a ship's headway"
  5. Become lifeless, less lively, intense, or active; lose life, force, or vigour
  6. Make less lively, intense, or vigorous; impair in vigour, force, activity, or sensation
    "deaden a sound";
    - blunt
  7. (chemistry) convert (metallic mercury) into a grey powder consisting of minute globules, as by shaking with chalk or fatty oil

Derived forms: deadened, deadening, deadens

Type of: alter, break, change, convert, damp, dampen, incise, modify, retard, soften, weaken

Antonym: enliven