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Verb: defeat  di'feet or dee'feet [N. Amer], di'feet [Brit]
  1. Win a victory over
    "defeat your enemies";
    - get the better of, overcome
  2. Thwart the passage of
    "defeat a motion";
    - kill, shoot down, vote down, vote out
Noun: defeat  di'feet or dee'feet [N. Amer], di'feet [Brit]
  1. An unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest
    "it was a narrow defeat"; "the army's only defeat";
    - licking
  2. The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals
    - frustration

Derived forms: defeats, defeated, defeating

Type of: blackball, conclusion, disappointment, ending, failure, finish, letdown, negative, sell [Brit, informal], veto

Antonym: triumph

Encyclopedia: Defeat