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Noun: demolishing  di'mó-li-shing
  1. Complete destruction of a building
    - razing, leveling [US], tearing down, levelling [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: demolish  di'mó-lish
  1. Destroy completely
    "the wrecking ball demolished the building";
    - pulverize, pulverise [Brit]
  2. Ruin or destroy
    "his book demolishes an old myth"; "demolished my reputation"; "the professor demolished the student's argument"
  3. Eat up completely, as with great appetite
    "The teenagers demolished four pizzas among them";
    - devour, down [informal], consume, go through
  4. Defeat soundly and humiliatingly
    "The home team demolished the visitors";
    - destroy, spiflicate [Brit, informal], spifflicate [Brit, informal]

Type of: defeat, destroy, destruct, destruction, devastation, eat up, finish, get the better of, overcome, polish off [informal], spifflicate [Brit, informal], spiflicate [Brit, informal], uncreate [literary]

Encyclopedia: Demolishing