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Noun: determinant  di'tur-mi-nunt
  1. A determining or causal element or factor
    "education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life";
    - determiner, determinative, determining factor, causal factor
  2. (immunology) the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself
    - antigenic determinant, epitope
  3. (mathematics) a scalar quantity derived from a matrix giving the volume scaling of the matrix
Adjective: determinant  di'tur-mi-nunt
  1. Having the power or quality of deciding
    "the determinative (or determinant) battle";
    - deciding, determinative, determining

Derived forms: determinants

See also: decisive

Type of: cognitive factor, site, situation, square matrix

Part of: antigen

Encyclopedia: Determinant