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Adjective: disabled  dis'ey-buld
  1. Having restricted mental or physical functioning as a consequence of injury or illness
    - handicapped
  2. So badly injured as to be excused from continuing
    "A person is disabled if he is in the power of an adverse attacker";
    - out of action, hors de combat
Noun: disabled  dis'ey-buld
  1. People collectively who are crippled or otherwise physically handicapped
    "technology to help the elderly and the disabled";
    - handicapped
Verb: disable  dis'ey-bul
  1. Make unable to perform a certain action
    "disable this command on your computer";
    - disenable, incapacitate
  2. Injure permanently
    "He was disabled in a car accident";
    - invalid, incapacitate, handicap

See also: unfit

Type of: alter, change, injure, modify, people, wound

Encyclopedia: Disabled, Not Half a Human Being