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Adjective: disarming  dis'aa(r)-ming
  1. Capable of allaying hostility
Noun: disarming  dis'aa(r)-ming
  1. Act of reducing or depriving of arms
    "the disarming of the aggressor nations must be complete";
    - disarmament
Verb: disarm  dis'aa(r)m
  1. Remove offensive capability from
    - demilitarize, demilitarise [Brit]
  2. Make less hostile; win over
    "Her charm disarmed the prosecution lawyer completely"
  3. Take away the weapons from; render harmless
    - unarm

See also: unprovocative, unprovoking

Type of: convert, convince, demobilisation [Brit], demobilization, deprive, divest, strip, win over

Antonym: arm, arming

Encyclopedia: Disarming

Disarm, demobilize, and reintegrate