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Adjective: discredited  ,dis'kre-di-tid
  1. Being unjustly brought into disrepute
    "a discredited politician";
    - damaged
  2. Suffering shame
    - disgraced, dishonored [US], shamed, dishonoured [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: discredit  dis'kre-dit
  1. Cause to be distrusted or disbelieved
    "The paper discredited the politician with its nasty commentary"
  2. Damage the reputation of
    "This newspaper story discredits the politicians";
    - disgrace
  3. Reject as false; refuse to accept
    - disbelieve

See also: ashamed, disreputable

Type of: belittle, brush aside, brush off [informal], discount, dismiss, disparage, disregard, ignore, pick at, push aside, reject

Encyclopedia: Discredit