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Noun: disgrace  dis'greys
  1. A state of dishonour
    "one mistake brought disgrace to all his family";
    - shame, ignominy
  2. That which brings dishonour; a cause of shame or reproach
    "he's a disgrace"
Verb: disgrace  dis'greys
  1. Bring shame or dishonour upon
    "he disgraced his family by committing a serious crime";
    - dishonor [US], dishonour [Brit, Cdn], attaint [archaic], shame
  2. Reduce in worth or character, usually verbally
    "She tends to disgrace younger women colleagues";
    - take down, degrade, demean, put down
  3. Damage the reputation of
    "This newspaper story disgraces the politicians";
    - discredit

Derived forms: disgraced, disgraces, disgracing

Type of: abase, belittle, chagrin, dishonor [US], dishonour [Brit, Cdn], disparage, humble, humiliate, mortify, pick at

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