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Adjective: dotted  dó-tid
  1. Having a pattern of dots
    "The portrait disintegrates into a dotted pattern when seen from close up";
    - flecked, specked, speckled, stippled
  2. Having gaps or spaces
    "sign on the dotted line";
    - dashed
Verb: dot (dotted,dotting)  dót
  1. Scatter or intersperse like dots or studs
    "Hills dotted with lights";
    - stud, constellate
  2. Distribute loosely
    "He dotted gun powder under the wagon";
    - scatter, sprinkle, dust, disperse
  3. Make a dot or dots
  4. Mark with a dot
    "dot your 'i's"

See also: broken, patterned

Type of: continue, cover, discharge, extend, mark, write

Encyclopedia: Dot, PA