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Noun: drafting  drãf-ting
  1. Writing a first version to be filled out and polished later
  2. The craft of drawing blueprints
    - mechanical drawing
  3. The creation of artistic pictures or diagrams
    - drawing, draftsmanship [US], draughtsmanship [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: draft  drãft
  1. Draw up an outline or sketch for something
    "draft a speech";
    - outline
  2. Engage somebody to enter the army
    - enlist, muster in
  3. [N. Amer] Make a blueprint of
    - blueprint, draught [Brit, Cdn]

Derived forms: draftings

Type of: art, artistic creation, artistic production, authorship, compose, composition, craft, design, enrol [Brit, Cdn], enroll [N. Amer], enter, indite [archaic], inscribe, pen, penning, plan, recruit, trade, write, writing

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