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Verb: dress up
  1. Put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive
    "She never dresses up, even when she goes to the opera";
    - overdress, fig out [informal], fig up [informal], deck up, gussy up [N. Amer, informal], fancy up [informal], trick up, deck out, trick out, prink, attire, get up, rig out, tog up [informal], tog out [informal], doll up [informal]
  2. Make something appear superficially attractive
    "Don't try to dress up the unpleasant truth"; "The researcher tried to dress up the uninteresting data";
    - window-dress
  3. Put a caparison on
    "dress up the horses for the festive occasion";
    - caparison, bard, barde
  4. Dress in a costume
    "We dressed up for Halloween as pumpkins";
    - costume
  5. Wear clothes in a certain manner or of a certain style
    "he dressed up in a suit and tie";
    - dress

Derived forms: dressed up, dresses up, dressing up

See also: dress

Type of: adorn, apparel, beautify, clothe, decorate, dress, embellish, enclothe, fancify, fit out, garb, garment, get dressed, grace, habilitate [archaic], ornament, prettify, raiment [archaic], tog [informal]

Antonym: underdress