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Adjective: drooping  droo-ping
  1. Weak from exhaustion
    - flagging
  2. Hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)
    "The bra is primarily for women who have drooping breasts";
    - droopy, sagging
  3. (biology) having branches or flower heads that bend downward
    "lilacs with drooping panicles of fragrant flowers";
    - cernuous, nodding, pendulous, weeping
Verb: droop  droop
  1. Droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness
    - sag, swag, flag
  2. Hang loosely or laxly
    "His tongue drooped";
    - loll
  3. Become limp
    "The flowers drooped";
    - wilt

See also: lax, tired, unerect

Type of: crumble, dangle, decay, dilapidate, drop, drop down, sink, swing

Encyclopedia: Drooping

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