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Noun: dung  dúng
  1. Faecal matter of animals
    - droppings, muck, scat
Verb: dung  dúng
  1. Fertilize or dress with dung
    "you must dung the land"
  2. Defecate; used of animals

Derived forms: dungs, dunging, dunged

Type of: BM, ca-ca [N. Amer, informal], defaecate [Brit, rare], defecate, dejection, enrich, faecal matter [Brit, Cdn], faeces [Brit, Cdn], fecal matter [N. Amer], feces [N. Amer], feed, fertilise [Brit], fertilize, make [informal], ordure, poop [N. Amer, informal], stool

Encyclopedia: Dung, Doubs