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Adjective: edged  ejd
  1. Having a specified kind of border or edge
    "a black-edged card"; "rough-edged leaves"; "dried sweat left salt-edged patches"
  2. (of speech) harsh or hurtful in tone or character
    "edged satire";
    - cutting, stinging
  3. Having a cutting edge or especially an edge or edges as specified; often used in combination
    "an edged knife"; "a two-edged sword"
Verb: edge  ej
  1. Advance slowly, as if by inches
    "He edged towards the car";
    - inch
  2. Provide with a border or edge
    "edge the tablecloth with embroidery";
    - border
  3. Lie adjacent to another or share a boundary
    "Canada edges the U.S.";
    - border, adjoin, abut, march, butt, butt against, butt on
  4. Provide with an edge
    "edge a blade"

See also: bordered, edge in, sharp, unkind

Type of: adjoin, advance, contact, furnish, go on, march on, meet, move on, pass on, progress, provide, render, sharpen, supply, touch

Encyclopedia: Edge, Steve