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Adjective: elaborated  u'la-bu,rey-tid
  1. Developed or executed with care and in minute detail
    "the carefully elaborated theme";
    - detailed, elaborate
Verb: elaborate  i'la-b(u-)rut
  1. Describe and explain in detail
    "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation";
    - lucubrate [archaic], expatiate, exposit, enlarge, flesh out, expand, expound, dilate
  2. Produce from basic elements or sources; change into a more developed product
    "The bee elaborates honey"
  3. Make more complex, intricate, or rich
    "elaborate a design or pattern";
    - complicate, refine, rarify [rare], rarefy
  4. Work out in detail
    "elaborate a plan";
    - work out

See also: careful

Type of: alter, change, clarify, clear up, create, develop, elucidate, make, make grow, modify, produce

Antonym: foreshorten