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Adjective: emerging  i'mur-jing
  1. Coming to maturity
    "the emerging generation";
    - rising
  2. Coming into existence
    "an emerging republic";
    - emergent
Verb: emerge  i'murj
  1. Come out into view, as from concealment
    "Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office"
  2. Come out of
    "Water emerged from the hole in the wall";
    - issue, come out, come forth, go forth, egress
  3. Become known or apparent
    "Some nice results emerged from the study"
  4. Come up to the surface of or rise
    "He felt new emotions emerge"
  5. Happen or occur as a result of something
    - come forth

See also: future, incipient, nascent

Type of: appear, arise, come up, develop, grow, originate, rise, rise up, spring up, surface, uprise

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