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Adjective: empowered  im'paw(-u)rd or em'paw(-u)rd
  1. Invested with legal power or official authority especially as symbolized by having a scepter
    "Developing community empowered schools will change your neighbourhood";
    - sceptered, sceptred
Verb: empower  im'paw(-u)r or em'paw(-u)r
  1. Give or delegate power or authority to
    "She empowered her assistant to sign the papers";
    - authorise [Brit], authorize
  2. Give qualities or abilities to
    - endow, indue, gift, invest, endue
  3. Increase the confidence, rights and status (of some group)

See also: authorised [Brit], authorized

Type of: appoint, charge, enable

Encyclopedia: Empowered