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Adjective: ennobling  i'now-b(u-)ling
  1. Investing with dignity or honour
    "the ennobling influence of cultural surroundings";
    - dignifying
  2. Tending to exalt
    "ennobling thoughts";
    - exalting
Verb: ennoble  i'now-bul or e'now-bul
  1. Confer dignity or honour upon
    "He was ennobled with a title";
    - dignify
  2. Give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility
    - gentle [archaic], entitle

See also: inspiring, noble

Type of: advance, elevate, fete, fĂȘte, honor [US], honour [Brit, Cdn], kick upstairs, promote, raise, reward, upgrade

Encyclopedia: Ennoble