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Adjective: escaped  i'skeypt
  1. Having escaped, especially from confinement
    "searching for two escaped prisoners";
    - at large, loose, on the loose
Verb: escape  i'skeyp
  1. Run away from confinement
    "The convicted murderer escaped from a high security prison";
    - get away, break loose
  2. Fail to experience
    "Fortunately, I escaped the hurricane";
    - miss
  3. Escape potentially unpleasant consequences; get away with a forbidden action
    "She escapes with murder!";
    - get off, get away, get by, get out
  4. Be incomprehensible to; escape understanding by
    "What you are seeing in him escapes me";
    - elude
  5. Remove oneself from a familiar environment, usually for pleasure or diversion
    "We escaped to our summer house for a few days";
    - get away
  6. Flee; take to one's heels; cut and run
    "The burglars escaped before the police showed up";
    - scat, run, scarper, turn tail, lam [N. Amer], run away, hightail it, bunk, head for the hills, take to the woods, fly the coop, break away, leg it [Brit]
  7. Issue or leak, as from a small opening
    "Gas escaped into the bedroom"
  8. (computing) change characters that normally have a special meaning so that they appear as literal characters rather than having their meaning applied, e.g. by prefixing the character with a special 'escape' character
    "often quotation marks are escaped by prefixing with a backslash"

See also: free

Type of: avoid, baffle, beat, bedevil, befuddle, bewilder, come forth, come out, confound, confuse, cut and run, discombobulate, dumbfound, egress, emerge, flee, flummox, fly, fox, fuddle, get, go away, go forth, gravel, issue, leave, mystify, nonplus, perplex, pose, puzzle, stick, stupefy, take flight, throw, vex

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