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Preposition: except  ek'sept or ik'sept
  1. Not including, other than, except for
    "All present members ratified it, except one";
    - aside from, apart from, save, excluding, with the exception of
  2. With the exception of
    "there was nothing left except bread";
    - bar
Conjunction: except  ek'sept or ik'sept
  1. Other than; used to introduce an exception to a proceeding statement
    "I'd tell you the story, except I can't remember how it begins";
    - save
Verb: except  ek'sept or ik'sept
  1. Prevent from being included, considered or accepted
    - exclude, leave out, leave off, omit, take out
  2. Object to
    - demur

Sounds like: accept

Derived forms: excepted, excepting, excepts

Type of: do away with, eliminate, extinguish, get rid of, object

Antonym: include

Encyclopedia: Except