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Verb: exhaust  ig'zost or eg'zost
  1. Wear out completely
    "This kind of work exhausts me";
    - wash up, beat [informal], tucker [N. Amer, informal], tucker out [N. Amer, informal]
  2. Use (resources or materials) over time in order to function
    "We exhausted our savings";
    - consume, eat up, use up, eat, deplete, run through, wipe out
  3. Deplete, exhaust or weaken
    "exhaust one's savings";
    - run down, play out, sap, tire
  4. Use up the whole supply of
    "We have exhausted the food supplies"
  5. Eliminate (a substance)
    "combustion products are exhausted in the engine";
    - discharge, expel, eject, release
  6. Bring out, discuss or develop completely
    "to exhaust a subject"
Noun: exhaust  ig'zost or eg'zost
  1. Gases ejected from an engine as waste products
    - exhaust fumes, fumes
  2. System consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged
    - exhaust system
  3. [Brit] A pipe carrying fumes from the muffler to the rear of a car
    - tailpipe [N. Amer], exhaust pipe [Brit]

Derived forms: exhausts, exhausting, exhausted

See also: use

Type of: drop, empty, expend, fag [informal], fag out [Brit, informal], fatigue, gas, jade, knacker [Brit, informal], outwear, pipage, pipe, piping, spend, system, tire, tire out, waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product, wear, wear down, wear out, wear upon, weary

Part of: automobile engine

Encyclopedia: Exhaust