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Noun: exit  ek-sit or eg-zit
  1. An opening that permits escape or release
    - issue, outlet, way out
  2. A euphemistic expression for death
    "thousands mourned his exit";
    - passing, loss, departure, expiration, going, release
  3. The act of going out
Verb: exit  ek-sit or eg-zit
  1. Move out of or depart from
    "exit the room";
    - go out, get out, leave
  2. (card game) lose the lead
  3. Cease to live; lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life
    - die, decease [archaic], perish, go, pass away, expire, pass, kick the bucket [informal], cash in one's chips [informal], buy the farm [N. Amer, informal], conk [informal], give-up the ghost [informal], drop dead, pop off [informal], choke, croak [informal], snuff it [informal], flatline [informal], cop it [Brit, informal], cash in [informal], pop one's clogs [informal]
  4. (finance) convert an investment into liquid funds, e.g. by selling a business, floatation on a stock market, etc.; end an investment or loan

Derived forms: exits, exiting, exited

Type of: change state, death, decease, departure, escape, expiry, going, going away, leaving, move, play, turn

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