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Adjective: familiar  fu'mil-yur [N. Amer], fu'mi-lee-u(r) [Brit]
  1. Well known or easily recognized
    "a familiar figure"; "familiar songs"; "familiar guests"
  2. (usually followed by 'with') well informed about or knowing thoroughly
    "familiar with the complex machinery"; "he was familiar with those roads";
    - conversant
  3. Having mutual interests or affections; of established friendship
    "on familiar terms";
    - intimate
  4. Within normal everyday experience; common and ordinary; not strange
    "familiar ordinary objects found in every home"; "a familiar everyday scene"; "a familiar excuse"; "a day like any other filled with familiar duties and experiences"
Noun: familiar  fu'mil-yur [N. Amer], fu'mi-lee-u(r) [Brit]
  1. A person attached to the household of a high official (as a pope or bishop) who renders service in return for support
  2. A friend who is frequently in the company of another
    - companion, comrade, fellow, associate, yokefellow [N. Amer]
  3. A spirit (usually in animal form) that acts as an assistant to a witch or wizard
    - familiar spirit

Derived forms: familiars

See also: acquainted, beaten, close, common, everyday, familiarity, garden [Brit], informed, known, long-familiar, old, usual, well-known

Type of: china [Brit, informal], disembodied spirit, friend, mate [Brit, informal], retainer, servant, spirit

Antonym: unfamiliar, unusual

Encyclopedia: Familiar