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Noun: fixer  fik-su(r)
  1. Someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)
    - influence peddler
  2. A chemical compound that sets or fixes something (as a dye or a photographic image)
    - fixing agent
  3. A skilled worker who mends or repairs things
    - mender, repairer
  4. Synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming; used in narcotic detoxification and maintenance of heroin addiction
    - methadone, methadone hydrochloride, methadon, dolophine hydrochloride, synthetic heroin

Derived forms: fixers

Type of: chemical compound, compound, important person, influential person, narcotic, personage, skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker

Encyclopedia: Fixer, Kentucky