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Noun: fizzle  fi-zul
  1. A fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)
    "the performers could not be heard over the fizzle of the audience";
    - hiss, hissing, hushing, sibilation
  2. A complete failure
    "the play was a dismal fizzle";
    - flop [informal], bust [informal], clinker [N. Amer, informal], epic fail [informal]
Verb: fizzle  fi-zul
  1. End weakly
    "The music just fizzled out--there was no proper ending";
    - taper off, peter out, fizzle out
  2. Make a hissing or sputtering sound

Derived forms: fizzled, fizzling, fizzles

Type of: discontinue, failure, noise

Encyclopedia: Fizzle