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Adjective: flamboyant  flam'boy-unt
  1. Marked by ostentation but often tasteless
    "a cheap flamboyant rhinestone bracelet";
    - showy, splashy
  2. Elaborately or excessively ornamented
    "flamboyant handwriting";
    - aureate, florid
  3. (architecture) of the final stage of French Gothic architecture from the 14th to the 16th centuries
Noun: flamboyant  flam'boy-unt
  1. Showy tropical tree or shrub native to Madagascar; widely planted in tropical regions for its immense racemes of scarlet and orange flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana
    - royal poinciana, flame tree, peacock flower, Delonix regia, Poinciana regia

Derived forms: flamboyants

See also: fancy, ostentatious, posey [Brit, informal], pretentious

Type of: angiospermous tree, flowering tree

Part of: Delonix, genus Delonix

Encyclopedia: Flamboyant