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Adjective: flattened  fla-t(u)nd
  1. Having been made flat or flatter
    - planate
Verb: flatten  fla-t(u)n
  1. Make flat or flatter
    "flatten your stomach with these exercises";
    - pancake
  2. Become flat or flatter
    "The landscape flattened";
    - flatten out, pancake
  3. (music) lower the pitch of (musical notes)
    - drop
  4. Destroy (a building or buildings) so as to make nearly level the ground
    - level, raze, rase, dismantle, tear down, take down, pull down

See also: planar, two-dimensional

Type of: alter, change, change form, change shape, deform, destroy, destruct, form, modify, shape, spifflicate [Brit, informal], spiflicate [Brit, informal], uncreate [literary]

Encyclopedia: Flatten, Moselle