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Noun: fluttering  flú-tu-ring
  1. The motion made by flapping up and down
    "the sudden fluttering of the startled pigeons";
    - flap, flapping, flutter
Verb: flutter  flú-tu(r)
  1. Move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
    "The hummingbird fluttered among the branches";
    - flit, fleet, dart
  2. Move back and forth very rapidly
    "the candle fluttered";
    - flicker, waver, flitter, quiver
  3. Flap the wings rapidly or fly with flapping movements
    "The seagulls fluttered overhead"
  4. Beat rapidly
    "His heart fluttered";
    - palpitate
  5. Wink briefly
    "flutter one's eyelids";
    - bat

Derived forms: flutterings

Type of: barrel [informal], beat, belt [informal], belt along [informal], blink, bucket [informal], bucket along [informal], flap, hasten, hie [archaic], hotfoot, hurry, move back and forth, nictate, nictitate, pelt [informal], pelt along [informal], pound, race, rocket [informal], rush, rush along, speed, step on it [informal], thump, travel rapidly, undulation, wave, whizz [informal], whizz along [informal], wing [informal], wink, zip [informal], zoom, zoom along

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