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Adjective: folding  fówl-ding
  1. Capable of being folded up and stored
    "a folding bed";
    - foldable, foldaway
Noun: folding  fówl-ding
  1. The process whereby a protein molecule assumes its intricate three-dimensional shape
    "understanding protein folding is the next step in deciphering the genetic code";
    - protein folding
  2. A geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock
    - fold
  3. The act of folding
    "he gave the napkins a double folding";
    - fold
Verb: fold  fówld
  1. Bend or lay so that one part covers the other
    "fold up the newspaper";
    - fold up, turn up
  2. Incorporate a food ingredient into a mixture by repeatedly turning it over without stirring or beating
    "Fold the egg whites into the batter"
  3. Cease to operate or cause to cease operating
    "fold the shop";
    - close up, close, shut down, close down
  4. Confine in a fold, like sheep
    - pen up
  5. Become folded or folded up
    "The bed folds in a jiffy";
    - fold up

Derived forms: foldings

See also: collapsable, collapsible

Type of: biological process, change, change of shape, change surface, confine, constrain, geologic process, geological process, hold, incorporate, integrate, organic process, restrain

Antonym: open

Encyclopedia: Folding