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Noun: foray  'for,ey or 'fór,ey [N. Amer], 'fó,rey [Brit]
  1. A sudden short attack
    - raid, maraud
  2. An initial attempt (especially outside your usual areas of competence)
    "scientists' forays into politics"
Verb: foray  'for,ey or 'fór,ey [N. Amer], 'fó,rey [Brit]
  1. Steal goods; take as spoils
    "During the earthquake people forayed the stores that were deserted by their owners";
    - plunder, despoil, loot, reave [archaic], strip, rifle, ransack, pillage
  2. Briefly enter enemy territory

Derived forms: forayed, foraying, forays

Type of: attempt, effort, endeavor [US], endeavour [Brit, Cdn], incursion, penetrate, penetration, perforate, take, try

Encyclopedia: Foray