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Verb: foster  fós-tu(r)
  1. Promote the growth of
    "Foster our children's well-being and education";
    - further
  2. Bring up under fosterage; of children
  3. Help develop, help grow
    "foster his talents";
    - nurture
Adjective: foster  fós-tu(r)
  1. Providing or receiving nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal ties
    "foster parent"; "foster child"; "foster home";
    - surrogate
Noun: Foster  fós-tu(r)
  1. United States songwriter whose songs embody the sentiment of the South before the American Civil War (1826-1864)
    - Stephen Foster, Stephen Collins Foster

Derived forms: fosters, Fosters, fostering, fostered

See also: adoptive

Type of: advance, ballad maker, boost, bring up, encourage, further, nurture, parent, promote, raise, rear, songster, songwriter

Encyclopedia: Foster, Norman